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Repeatable Processes That Drive Results

At Bear North Digital, we take the guesswork out of digital marketing. We implement proven tools—like killer content marketing, efficient PPC advertising, and powerful SEO—to promote your brand and grow your digital footprint. At the same time, we innovate our methods to make sure you always stay on top of the game.

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High-Velocity Full Funnel Experimentation

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Compounding growth

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Join the many e-commerce brands that have expanded their client pool and grown their revenue with us at Bear North Digital.


We Are the Missing Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle

Maybe you tried many promotion strategies, both online and through old-fashioned media. You have first-rate products and stellar service, so why do your competitors still rank higher and occupy a larger market share?

At Bear North Digital, we’re here to help you get all your digital marketing ducks in a row. Start working with us—and watch how your marketing strategy falls into place.


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No Fluff. High Impact. No Penny Wasted.

Are you tired of seeing your hard-earned money swirl down the drain of inefficient marketing campaigns? Stop wasting your marketing budget on methods that don’t work.

At Bear North Digital, we commit to giving you maximum return on every penny. We focus on the digital marketing tools that work best for your business and discard unproductive strategies.

We don’t just promise—we deliver tangible results. Our detailed reports will allow you to see how our digital marketing strategies are improving your Google rankings, traffic, and conversion rates. We’re always here to respond to any questions, concerns, or improvement suggestions you may have.

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Your Trust Is Our North Star

Many digital marketers get a bad rap for inflated promises, lack of transparency, and disappointing results. With our digital marketing agency, you know what you can expect, how long it may take, and how much it will cost.

We cultivate long-term, trusting relationships with our clients. We aim to become your dependable partner in everything related to digital marketing, SEO, CRO, PPC, and social media management.

About BND

A relentless commitment to continuous education in the digital space

Digital marketing is a fast-paced, constantly changing space. Strategies that worked five years ago will fail today. We keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business, developing your products, and improving your service.

Our Results at Bear North Digital

Numbers speak more clearly than words: View some of our digital marketing agency's most impressive success stories.

Bong Center

President of the Bong Center

Fixed a Hacked Website and Grew SEO Rankings for the Bong Center

We custom-designed the new website to match the look and feel of their new branding. We employed premium hosting and speed optimizations to ensure that the site is secure and fast-loading. We went from an F score to an A in GT Metrix. We optimized key pages for on-page SEO, resulting in immediate search engine ranking increases!

Ben Johnson

Agency Owner - White Label Client

We Delivered 25+ Websites Per Year For This White Label Client

“Very pleased to collaborate with Josh – he was a pleasure to work on this project, the development of a website for my new company. His work was stellar and on-time and he has keen communication skills. He is also highly responsive and accommodating.”

Don Werdick

Founder of Supérieure Cane Processing

Supérieure Cane Processing

Going on three years with Bear North Digital … one of the best eCommerce decisions made transferring my eCommerce website with them. Josh and his team’s support and creativity is outstanding.

Large Health SAAS SEO Client

White Label Client

We Helped a Health SAAS Company Grow Organic +30% YOY

“Happy to work with Josh. Easy to communicate too, knowledgable, team player and completes jobs on time.”

Full Moon Fruits

Co-Founder of FMF

Great Solutions, Deliverables and Expectations Exceeded!

“Josh and his team were fantastic to work with! Great communication and kept me informed at every step. He provided great solutions to help our business grow. All deliverables and expectations were met and exceeded!”

Jenna Gerth

Marketing Manager - Nicholas Design Build

Chosen Vendor for 5+ Years (3 Websites, SEO, PPC, and More!)

Josh and his entire team at Bear North Digital represent every quality you’d want in a business when paying for a service. And I know that sounds beyond cheesy, but it’s true. I honestly feel like they are part of our team. His entire team is very responsive, understanding, professional, and extremely helpful.  Seriously, you won’t find a better company!

Skid Steer Mirrors

Founder of Skid Steer Mirrors, LLC.

Helped Us from Inception of Our Ecommerce Brand!

Bear North Digital has been an amazing help to Skid Steer Mirrors from the very beginning of our business. They have handled our needs with professionalism and helped us grow our online store. We could not be happier with their services!

The Partnerships and Expertise That Fuel Your Growth

We are your go-to experts in all leading e-commerce and social media platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook, and Shopify. Forget about a cookie-cutter approach—we custom-tailor each campaign for laser-focused targeting and optimized profit margins.

We Have the Services You Need to Get to Your Growth Destination

At Bear North Digital, we’re an end-to-end service that provides all the digital marketing tools your business needs.

Web Development

Your website is your brand’s digital front window. Our Bear North Digital team creates responsive, user-friendly, mobile-optimized websites that help you attract and keep customers.


Search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising are powerful tools that can drive instant revenue—if you use them right. At Bear North Digital, we’re here to help you get the most out of every impression and click.

Social Ads

Your target customers are browsing Instagram and scrolling down their Facebook feeds right now. Our Bear North Digital targeted social media advertising will enable you to create a personal connection with your clients.


You need to snag one of Google’s top SERP rankings—or your business stays invisible. At Bear North Digital, we’ll put your brand in the spotlight with efficient on-page and off-page SEO.

Content Marketing

Effective content marketing takes time but pays rich dividends. We’ll help you create engaging, relevant, and valuable content that sparks conversations and generates shares.


Increasing website traffic is just the first step toward making a bigger profit. Our digital marketing agency uses efficient CRO strategies to help you move prospective customers down the sales funnel.

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