Driving Success for a Shopify Electronic Accessories Store with SEO and PPC

Client Background

A Shopify store specializing in electronic accessories, boasting an extensive inventory of over 5,000 SKUs, approached Bear North Digital. Despite their vast product range, the client had limited knowledge and experience in SEO and PPC, especially in a highly competitive market.


The primary challenge was to carve out a niche for the client in the crowded electronic accessories market. With little to no existing SEO and PPC strategies in place, the goal was to identify opportunities – the low-hanging fruit – within their product range that could yield significant results in both search engine rankings and PPC campaigns.


Bear North Digital’s approach was twofold, focusing on both SEO and PPC:

SEO Strategy

We conducted in-depth keyword research to find potential opportunities within their vast product categories.

Ensured the website was technically sound to support the scale of products and SEO efforts.

Developed a content strategy to boost organic rankings and enhance user engagement.

Implemented on-page SEO optimizations across key product pages.

PPC Campaigns

Created PPC campaigns focusing on high-margin products identified as having the potential for high returns.

Regularly optimized ad copy and targeting to improve performance.

Smartly allocated budgets to maximize ROAS.


  • Achieved over 300 page 1 rankings for targeted keywords.
  • Significantly increased organic traffic and visibility.
  • Attained a remarkable 6x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) on high-margin products.
  • Drove increased sales and revenue through targeted PPC efforts.


The strategic SEO and PPC campaigns executed by Bear North Digital not only helped the client gain a foothold in a competitive market but also propelled them to the forefront in their niche categories. The substantial increase in organic rankings and the impressive ROAS from PPC campaigns underscored the efficacy of a well-crafted digital marketing strategy. This case study is a testament to Bear North Digital’s expertise in transforming a limited understanding of SEO and PPC into a story of remarkable digital success.