SEO Optimization for a Direct-To-Consumer Cabinet Company

When a prominent Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Cabinet Company saw stagnation in their online growth, they turned to Bear North Digital to revitalize their digital footprint and sales.


This DTC Cabinet Company, a leading name in modern cabinetry, had invested a significant amount in their online presence. However, despite having quality products and a user-friendly website, their organic traffic had plateaued. They had not undertaken any recent major changes like the re-platforming, but the competition in the DTC sector had grown exponentially. The challenge was to ensure their website not only stood out but also attracted and converted potential customers.


Bear North Digital initiated an extensive audit of both the technical and content dimensions of the client’s website. The audit revealed several areas of improvement:

To address these issues, Bear North Digital rolled out a multi-pronged strategy:


Post the interventions, the DTC Cabinet Company started witnessing a positive uptrend in their organic traffic. Within three months, there was a noticeable 25% boost in organic traffic. By the six-month mark, sales conversions from organic traffic had surged by 40%. A year after implementing the changes, the company enjoyed an overall increase of over 60% in organic traffic, with revenue growth surpassing expectations.

This case underscores Bear North Digital’s commitment to understanding client challenges and tailoring solutions that not only address immediate issues but also foster long-term growth.