Supérieure Cane Processing Case Study

Who Is Don Werdick?

Don Werdick owns Supérieure Cane Processing, a niche business distributing canes for oboe and English horn players. The brand offers industry-leading cane cultivated in the French southern Var region. Don is a professional oboist who aims to provide beginner and experienced players with double-reed canes crafted from the best materials available.

Why Supérieure Cane Processing Came to Bear North for Help

Don was a client at another digital marketing agency. However, that business closed up shop, leaving him questioning what his next move would be. He wanted a website that was engaging and appealing to his target audience.

Below are some of the problems that Don Werdick was facing.:

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How We Provide Value for Our Customers

As a business, it’s essential to have a website optimized for search engines. Web optimization ensures your website is designed and structured to make it easy for search engines to find and index your content. An optimized website will appear higher in search results, enabling more people to see and visit it.

Building the New Site

Business owners realize that a robust online presence is essential to driving growth. A clean website is among the best ways to attract new customers to your company and have them engage with your content.

We know that Supérieure Cane Processing is a niche business that caters to people and companies passionate about the oboe and English horn. Therefore, we want to convey that Don Werdick crafts his canes with attention to detail and uses the best cane materials possible.



The primary selling point of the Supérieure Cane Processing brand is that Don Werdick is a respected oboist who expertly crafts high-quality canes and tubes for musicians. He also sells musical arrangements that help people grow as musicians.

Therefore, we emphasize both of those selling points on the homepage.

Digital Navigation

Our web design makes it easy for customers to find musical arrangements by Don Werdick and purchase canes. In addition, we include call-to-actions that customers can see immediately upon entering the Supérieure Cane Processing website.


Getting people to visit your website is one thing; keeping them there is another. An easy-to-navigate webpage encourages visitors to continue exploring, increasing the chances of conversion. This includes establishing an innovative payment gateway and organized webpage tabs.




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Page Speed

Not only does web page speed have an impact on SEO, but it also has an impact on conversion rate optimization (CRO). To increase your conversion rate and improve customer satisfaction, you must make sure your web pages load quickly.

Website Clean Up

Don’s business is unique in that it has an older target audience. Therefore, our site is simple and easy to use for people of all ages. Customers can easily find cane products on the website.

Our Approach

Helped them regain control of their domain

Updated look and feel of the website

Created a WooCommerce store

Set up a payment gateway

Refresh content frequently

Conclusion: Success

With our help, Don Werdick is seeing a 30% web traffic growth thanks to our optimized web pages and engaging content. Plus, the website is more user-friendly, allowing customers to navigate the site efficiently. We will continue to support Don and his future success!