Enhancing Digital Presence for a Multi-State Security Monitoring Company

Client Background

A prominent Security Monitoring Company with a strong brand presence across three states and over 16 locations approached Bear North Digital. Despite having a well-established brand and a favorable site architecture for SEO, their digital presence was not fully optimized, resulting in underwhelming online performance.


The primary challenge was to harness the client’s existing brand strength and favorable website architecture to significantly boost their online visibility and user engagement. The aim was to increase clicks, impressions, and click-through rates, translating the companyโ€™s offline reputation into online success.


Bear North Digital devised a strategic plan to enhance the company’s SEO and overall online presence:

SEO Optimization
Content Strategy
Technical SEO Adjustments


  • Clicks: An impressive increase of 527% in clicks as reported by Google Search Console.
  • Impressions: A 300% rise in impressions, showcasing a significant boost in online visibility.
  • Click-Through Rate: Improved from a mere 0.9% to an outstanding 5%, indicating higher user engagement and interest.


This case study demonstrates Bear North Digital’s ability to capitalize on existing brand strength and favorable website infrastructure to substantially enhance online performance. The dramatic increase in clicks, impressions, and click-through rates underlines the effectiveness of a well-executed SEO strategy. The Security Monitoring Company not only saw a significant improvement in their digital presence but also solidified their position as a leading security provider in the online domain.