Fueling Online Growth for a DTC Flooring Company


A leading Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Flooring Company, despite having a strong business model and an engaging website, faced stagnation in their online growth. Recognizing the necessity of robust digital marketing but lacking in-house expertise, they sought the services of Bear North Digital to ignite their online presence.

Key Info

Industry: Direct-to-Consumer Flooring
Services Provided: SEO and PPC Management
Outcome: Over $460K in Sales, 300+ Top 10 Keyword Rankings

Client Experience Rating

“Bear North Digital is highly recommended for their expertise in digital marketing, essential for today’s e-commerce landscape.”

The Challenge

The DTC Flooring Company needed to jumpstart its digital marketing efforts. Their high-quality website and business model were not being utilized to their full potential, leading to a plateau in online traffic and sales.

The Solution

Bear North Digital formulated a comprehensive strategy encompassing both SEO and PPC to enhance the company’s digital footprint:

The Bear North Digital team, led by Josh, provided in-depth knowledge and implementation strategies tailored to the unique needs of the flooring market.

A custom dashboard was developed for the client, enabling them to effortlessly track and understand key performance indicators crucial to their digital strategy.

The focus was on driving meaningful traffic to the website, increasing customer engagement, and boosting order volumes.

Six-Month Milestones

The company witnessed over $460K in sales, a testament to the effective digital marketing strategies implemented.

Achieved over 300 top 10 keyword rankings for high-volume search terms, significantly enhancing their online visibility.

There was a marked increase in website visits, inquiries, sample requests, and order fulfillment.

Client's Perspective

“If it weren’t for Bear North Digital, we would still be trying to find our way in the digital world. Their expertise has brought us unprecedented hits, inquiries, and sales, far beyond our expectations in our first year.”


This DTC Flooring Company’s collaboration with Bear North Digital led to an extraordinary transformation in their digital marketing effectiveness. The strategic SEO and PPC efforts not only propelled their sales but also established them as a formidable player in the DTC flooring industry. Bear North Digital’s role was instrumental in turning their digital potential into a resounding success story.