Accelerating Growth for an Action Sports Shopify Store

Client Overview

A dynamic Shopify store in the action sports industry, specializing in innovative products akin to off-road skateboards, approached Bear North Digital. Initially, the store was gaining traction solely through brand-specific searches and lacked broader market visibility.


The primary challenge was to expand the store’s digital footprint beyond branded searches. With an initial baseline of only 100 clicks per month, the goal was to significantly increase organic traffic and establish the brand as a key player in the action sports market, thereby catching the eye of major retailers.


Bear North Digital implemented a strategic, multi-faceted approach:

SEO Optimization and Content Strategy
Market Positioning and Brand Visibility
Data-Driven PPC Campaigns


  • Click Growth: The store experienced a meteoric rise in organic clicks, soaring from just 100 to an impressive 15,000 per month.
  • Market Presence: Enhanced SEO and targeted marketing efforts significantly increased the brand’s market presence.
  • Retailer Attraction: The heightened visibility and proven market appeal led to attention and interest from major retailers in the action sports industry.


This case study exemplifies Bear North Digital’s capability to not only improve search engine visibility but also to strategically position a brand for broader market recognition. The client’s transformation from a niche player to a recognized name in the action sports arena underscores the effectiveness of a comprehensive digital marketing approach. This successful journey from 100 to 15,000 clicks per month is a testament to Bear North Digital’s expertise in driving growth and expanding market opportunities for its clients.