Reviving a Automotive Accessory Shopify Store's SEO Performance


A leading Automotive Accessory Shopify store specializing in products for automotive enthuiasts experienced a significant downturn in site traffic post a major website redesign. The previous agency had not accounted for the SEO impact of removing content and altering URLs, leading to a sharp decline in online visibility. In urgent need of an SEO overhaul, they approached Bear North Digital to rescue their digital presence.


The client’s Shopify store, despite offering a diverse range of appealing products and maintaining a user-friendly interface, suffered from drastically reduced organic traffic. The redesign errors included content removal, URL changes, and other overlooked SEO essentials, which resulted in plummeting search rankings.

Solution: Strategic SEO Recovery by Bear North Digital

To address the challenges posed by the website redesign, Bear North Digital deployed a meticulously crafted recovery strategy. This plan was laser-focused not only on correcting the missteps from the recent redesign but also on fortifying the site’s overall SEO framework. We delved deep into the core of the website’s issues, employing a multi-dimensional approach that encompassed:


  1. In-depth SEO Diagnostics: Conducting a thorough analysis to identify every aspect impacted by the redesign, ranging from structural issues to content gaps.
  2. Targeted SEO Corrections: Implementing focused rectifications to address specific problems, ensuring each change was aligned with best SEO practices and the client’s unique business needs.
  3. Holistic SEO Enhancement: Beyond just fixing errors, our strategy involved a complete overhaul of the existing SEO framework, aimed at boosting the site’s resilience against future changes and updates.
  4. Sustainable SEO Practices: Instituting long-term SEO solutions that would not only repair the current issues but also lay a robust foundation for ongoing digital growth and success.

Through this comprehensive and dynamic approach, Bear North Digital aimed to not just bring the site back to its former glory, but to elevate it to new heights in search engine rankings and online visibility.

SEO Site Audit and Optimization:

Content Enhancement:

Design and Development Oversight:


The turnaround was swift and impactful. Within just two months, the client’s Shopify store saw a significant recovery in rankings.

Rapid Recovery in Search Rankings

Following the comprehensive intervention by Bear North Digital, the Shopify store experienced a rapid recovery in its search rankings. The critical rankings, which had significantly dropped post-redesign, were successfully reestablished, effectively salvaging the store’s online visibility. This turnaround not only restored the store’s position in search results but also led to a substantial improvement in organic traffic, marking a pivotal shift in its digital presence.


This case study exemplifies Bear North Digital’s expertise in quickly diagnosing and rectifying SEO issues, particularly in post-redesign scenarios for Shopify stores. The swift action taken by our team not only recovered lost ground but set the foundation for sustained growth and improved online performance for the client’s business.

Do you foresee an SEO migration on your horizon? Don’t navigate these crucial changes alone. Reach out to Bear North Digital today and ensure your transition is smooth, efficient, and most importantly, successful. Let’s safeguard your online presence together!