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Kimmes Consulting is now Bear North Digital!

We’re happy to announce that Kimmes Consulting is now Bear North Digital! As the company has grown over the years, it ultimately grew out of its name as well! Here is a little more info about why we decided a rebrand was in order:

First, Where It All Started

I started Kimmes Consulting in 2014 as an alternative of an internship in my senior year of college at the University of Minnesota. I had already interned with the Minnesota Timberwolves for 3 years, and held internships with ShopHQ and Car2Go as well. At the time, I knew I

 loved using my skills to help business grow. It was a great decision because I learned about things that I really knew nothing about, forming an LLC, taxes, billing, etc.

For about 2-3 years, Kimmes Consulting was a freelance side business like many other freelance web developer/digital marketers have setup. I would do a few websites a year, and that was it. To be clear – I’m not knocking that setup. It worked pretty well for me. But knowing there was untapped potential, more people out there that I could help, bothered me. In 2017 I started a new full-time job with Garland’s Inc. as a Digital Marketing Manager and I also had been admitted into a really good accredited MBA program – a dream I had for quite a while.


That said, it was pretty unclear what the return on investment would be, and since graduating I have found that education is a mindset. You should always be learning and improving, especially when you work in digital. I also believe that you can learn so much from actually doing the work, rather than learning about theoretical concepts in a textbook. Lastly, I knew if I pursued an MBA, I would have to give up my side business, and I just couldn’t do that. I adapted S.M.A.R.T. goals (categorized out into my FT job, side business, and personal life) around the same time, and every year I have seen steady growth.

The Present: Kimmes Consulting is now Bear North Digital!

I decided it was time to re-brand Kimmes Consulting into Bear North Digital for a number of reasons. As I said, I have been strategic about growing this business after holding off on enrolling for my MBA. I experienced steady growth and have learned so much since starting this business. Growth breeds change! I wanted to rename the company for quite a while, Kimmes Consulting didn’t quite make sense to my potential customers. With the COVID-19 stay at home order, I was able to really spend some time and work on my business. In comes Bear North Digital!

There isn’t a ton of meaning behind the name, but some fun facts related to each aspect:

  • Bear – was my nickname in college. All of my buddies called me bear because I’m a pretty broad guy.
  • North – living in Superior, WI also known as the Twin Ports, North Shore, and more – it made sense to use north in the name. I have clients all over the US, and I often get teased about my “accent” as well so it made sense from that aspect as well. Plus, I believe our services should drive your traffic, business, and success north / upward as well!
  • Digital – everything we do is digital, from Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Content Marketing, and more!

The other reality with the name change is that I’m not alone in this any more. I have a number of contractors and partners that I work with, as well as virtual assistants. When you hire Bear North Digital, you are working with a full service agency.

What’s Ahead?

There is a ton of new stuff coming up the pipeline that is for sure! Check back soon for free resources related to growing your business!


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