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E-Commerce Websites

Sell Your Products Online

Are you ready to take your products online? We specialize in custom e-commerce websites for all types of businesses.

Premium e-commerce websites that sell your products

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E-Commerce built with WordPress + WooCommerce or Shopify

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We handle payment gateways and integrations for you!

Maximize Your Profits with an E-Commerce Website

We’ve been selling stuff online since eBay and Craigslist came on the scene, so it was only natural we picked up developing e-commerce websites early on. These days the technology we have at our disposal is immense. We focus on building e-commerce websites built on WordPress + WooCommerce or Shopify that stand out in your category, showcase the features of your products, and encourage your potential customers to place an order.

Types of E-Commerce Websites:

Partner with Bear North Digital because we provide custom e-commerce web design that streamlines processes and takes the pain out of managing an online shop. We also offer maintenance packages for our e-commerce clients!


Having trouble generating leads or sales to your website? Stop guessing what needs to be fixed and get a complimentary audit from Bear North Digital! Each complimentary audit comes with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call as well so you have the opportunity to ask questions about your audit. Within your free audit you'll be able to see:

Questions and Answers about E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce website is a website that sells products on the website. This typically involves shopping pages, product pages, a cart, checkout system, and emails that are sent to the seller and purchaser after purchasing off of the site.

Short answer, yes. These days it is critical. In fact, most payment gateways and third party integrations will not work with your website unless you have a SSL certificate on your site, and major browsers will display warnings that your website is not secure.

WordPress is the best Content Management Systems on the market, and it is open-source, the SEO benefits are tremendous, and the pricing of plugins, themes, tools, etc supporting wordpress is pretty affordable and oftentimes free.

WooCommerce is built on top of WordPress, and it is the best option if you are a developer because of the customization and capabilities behind it. It ultimately is more affordable in the long run as well compared to other options, if setup correctly. That said, if you are looking to DIY an e-commerce website, there may be better options out there for you. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about DIY tools, we’d be happy to give you some free advice – not everyone is ready to purchase an e-commerce website and that is okay!

It really depends on the client and their situation. Shopify often has more costs and maintenance associated with it. That being said, Shopify has a lot of exclusive applications tied to their ecosystems and they are growing rapidly in the ecommerce space.

We do not. However, we have a huge network of developers and agencies we have worked with in the past that might be a great fit; so don’t hesitate to reach out.

We get this question pretty often, and it is a good one; although tough! There are so many different levels when it comes to e-commerce websites. It is almost like building a house, your budget is largely based on how big, and what materials/products are being used on the build.

Yes! Take a look at our monthly care plans, note that website hosting is included in the monthly plan! Please note, most of our care plans are for clients that we developed. 



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