Who is Full Moon Fruits

Full Moon Fruits is a produce subscription company located in Los Angeles, CA. They strive to help people around the continental United States eat healthily and try new and exotic fruits by delivering them directly to your door. They offer varied packages of delicious fresh fruits with fast overnight shipping.

Full Moon Fruits’ founder created the company after experiencing the benefits of healthy living firsthand. Their team brings these benefits to you and your loved ones.

Why Full Moon Fruits Came to Bear North For Help

Full Moon Fruits came to us because they were struggling to gain organic traffic, create brand awareness, and identify profitable SEO keywords. Their website didn’t rank high on Google search engine results pages, making it difficult for new people to find them. 

Issues we noticed included:

  • Website content with no SEO optimization
  • Little to no customer interaction
  • The content didn’t provide value to potential customers
  • Site information left visitors with questions


    Ranked in the Top 10


    Organic Traffic Growth

Providing Marketing Support

Although it’s possible for companies to increase their online presence and build organic traffic themselves, it takes significant time, energy, and revision. While we don’t discourage people from attempting DIY SEO or social media marketing campaigns, we understand the many benefits of hiring a professional team.

Working with a professional ensures you get the best quality work possible. If you need marketing guidance, contact us with your questions!

Project Overview

We did extensive keyword research and added informational content to the Full Moon Fruits website as SEO-optimized product descriptions, blog posts, and FAQs to increase value and SERP ranking. We also connected with other blogs for link-building opportunities. We employed Facebook and Google Ad campaigns to help target demographics find their website and improve brand awareness.

Full Moon Fruits’ website now has regular organic traffic and content with high-ranking keywords. Their website engages customers and provides crucial information on their products, shipping policy, and pricing.


Improved Marketing Strategy

We strived to improve Full Moon Fruits’ brand awareness strategy through extensive pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Keyword Identification and Ranking

Our team also aimed to increase Full Moon Fruits’ organic traffic by identifying the highest-ranking keywords for crucial pages and implementing fitting solutions.

Increase Organic Growth

Our final goal was to increase audience engagement organically by employing ideal tactics including on-page and off-page SEO.


Determining the best-ranking keywords for product descriptions

Building relationships with other digital spaces for link building

Targeting the right audience demographics for Facebook and Google ads

Ranking with every target keyword through on-page SEO



Lead Developer


Owner | Business Development and Strategy


SEO Manager


Social Specialist


Operations Manager


Lead Developer


PPC Manager

Services Provided

Ecommerce SEO

Shopify SEO

eCommerce Google Ads

eCommerce Facebook Ads

On-Page SEO

Link Building

Solutions Our Team Utilized

Keyword Research

Full Moon Fruits’ site now ranks higher in the Google SERP and draws organic traffic. We performed in-depth keyword research, uploaded helpful blog posts with high-ranking keywords, and compared competitors’ Shopify product pages with newly- optimized content.

Link Building

Link building positioned Full Moon Fruits as an industry authority with direct links to the website in content at other digital properties. We formed relationships with other industry-related websites, contributing blog posts with backlinks to the Full Moon Fruits site to increase brand awareness.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social media is a great way to get potential customers’ attention. We launched campaigns on Google and Facebook and targeted demographics most likely to benefit from and enjoy Full Moon Fruits’ offerings.

Bear North Digital’s Process

We identified target keywords and audience demographics and created a plan of action to take advantage of these elements.

We wrote and uploaded blog posts and other content to the website and included high-ranking keywords. We also wrote content for other websites for link-building.

Our marketers created multiple ad campaigns on Facebook and Google using target keywords to send ads to specific audiences.

We adjusted our strategy accordingly to improve results as organic traffic increased.

In Conclusion

We are delighted to have Full Moon Fruits as our client. We’re proud to say Full Moon Fruits’ website has gained over 3,000 organic visitors thanks to our assistance in providing high-quality content that ranks across search engines.

After working with us, the website consistently draws visitors and displays accurate, easy-to-read information about fresh and exotic fruits from around the globe. We’re happy to have helped skyrocket Full Moon Fruits to success and wish them the best of luck in their business’s future endeavors!

Wrapping Up

We are so happy to have the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center as a client. We look forward to their continued success and supporting their future growth!