Get sales by promoting paid-per-click ads through websites such as Google and Facebook. As an Ecommerce PPC agency, we can help you increase revenue through a wide range of advertising campaigns. Our clients utilize Bear North to optimize their eCommerce Google Ads accounts, as well as their entire digital marketing presence.

Google Shopping Ads

We’ll assist you in reanimating your sales growth and expanding your firm beyond your expectations.

Google Search

With a three-tiered strategy, we employ search engine marketing to the fullest extent possible. Optimized text ads, intelligent negative keyword usage, and sophisticated search query analysis are all going to help you see your CPC fall and your click-through rate rise.

Paid Social Media Advertising

With a three-tiered strategy, we employ search engine marketing to the fullest extent possible. Optimized text ads, intelligent negative keyword usage, and sophisticated search query analysis are all going to help you see your CPC fall and your click-through rate rise.


It might not appear to be the case at first, but running advertising on a regular basis is important. In order to drive more visits and conversions, we’ll retarget searchers on your budget successfully.

Analytics Management

Organize your PPC ads campaigns if you want them to be effective. We’ll set up your data so that you can make easy, accurate, and straightforward reports.

Get started with a Free Google Ads PPC Assessment & Consultation

Effective ecommerce ppc marketing campaigns help eCommerce brands generate traffic and sales quickly. An efficient campaign will result in greater revenue and traffic numbers, and providing a return on ad spend (ROAS). This is not something that can be done quickly. If it were simple, ppc management services wouldn’t be in such high demand! Bear North Digital is the place to go for your google ads management. We offer a free ecommerce ppc consultation to get you started on the right foot.


Increased ROAS, ad spend, and ad revenue do not come from “set it and forget it” tactics. We provide a comprehensive service to deliver the results you require.

Expert PPC services. Expert PPC performance

Several digital marketing clients throughout the United States rely on our PPC skills to get the most out of their advertising spend. Bear North Digital feels that investing in search engine marketing is necessary for explosive business growth. eCommerce businesses have different needs and our ecommerce ppc experts can help craft a strategy tailored to your unique business. Our ecommerce ppc consultants are adept in creating, managing, and monitoring Google Ads campaigns, Bing Ads campaigns, Facebook Ads campaigns, and Twitter Ads campaigns.

A next-level approach to digital transformation

Bear North Digital is development firm that helps you measure the return on investment for digital marketing in an easy and practical manner. Our ecommerce ppc agency has the tools and experience necessary to take your business to the next level and provide a comprehensive digital marketing solution. Our eCommerce solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, including design, branding, marketing, and technical requirements.

ECommerce PPC by Bear North Digital

PPC advertising may appear to be simple in and of itself, but it is actually a challenging aspect of achieving digital marketing objectives. It’s critical that its content is based on carefully studied and relevant keywords, advertisements that display on the appropriate web pages at the right times, and search traffic for the optimum potential consumers. Ecommerce business changes necessitate agile ecommerce ppc company strategies and tactics. Bear North Digital is an ecommerce ppc agency that can help ecommerce businesses grow with the latest in paid search technologies and strategies. With Bear North, you’ll have access to our team of experts who will manage your campaigns around the clock, ensuring that you’re constantly getting the most out of your investment.

Let's get into it. What PPC Strategies do we employ? What does a Ecommerce PPC Agency do?

Keyword research, ad creation and landing page development

PPC campaigns need time to prepare and understand. What keywords do consumers look for in your product? You must learn the words your customers canโ€™t find. It is essential to understand the phrases and content of this article to appeal to people and align them with their voice. Even with an amazing keyword and copy set, with no landing pages, the effort will not be worth it. How is the text written? 1Digitalยฎ does the heavy lifting.

Ad Copy

Writing engaging advertising copy can be tough enough even if you lack an impressive number of characters. We can write headlines or secondary headlines that are relevant to a specific keyword and include all the necessary supporting information such as delayed selling. Our PPC company is known for creating ad that differentiates your product from your competitors in the limited market and is effective regardless of the screen size of your desktop and smartphone.

Landing Page Designs Optimized for Conversions

Unfortunately, many businesses find that their PPC advertising in e-commerce are not very useful for a variety of reasons. Could be due to their digital agency lacking the focus and attention to detail needed to compete in ecomm, or it could be a bandwidth issue. Redirecting online customers to an unclear category is one of the most typical problems with effective PPC advertisements in e-commerce. To engage and persuade purchasers, Bear North Digital employs stunning visuals with superior content on its landing pages. Landing page optimization is a method of improving the user experience by ensuring that the content of our landing pages corresponds to keywords and advertising in order to decrease confusion. We also employ social proof, such as reviews and testimonials, for trust building and achieving a high-quality user experience to deter potential customers from clicking on the ad. Landing pages can easily be customized for e-commerce by adding a custom product images, price, and other relevant information.

Ecommerce PPC campaign structure

Every successful PPC website must start on an excellent foundation and each successful online e-business PPC campaign must be structured with a strong campaign plan and objectives. We provide innovative marketing solutions and structured campaigns in the e-commerce industry. Various clientele are using our platform. These allow the use of optimal bid strategies to increase visibility to campaigns and keywords and aid in analysing performance and adjusting accordingly to ensure the best return on investment.

Ongoing Optimization and A/B testing

E-commerce PPC is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor. Its a never-ending process of optimization, testing, and maintenance. Sometimes things may not go the way they plan. The PPC platforms often change their algorithms as well. All the while your competitors are out there battling with you. When you start using PPC we can optimize the campaign for you and it will be tested every day for keywords we are unable or unwilling to use and will improve conversions on ads, landing pages and new keywords. Our PPC company handles all the details and helps you focus on enhancing your business.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing helps you make more money by maximizing your ad spends. Remarketing uses cookies in your browser if you have visitors on your site. We use this cookie to display ads created exclusively for your brand when visitors visit other sites. Almost every package includes custom advertisements. The additional set is $249 per pair. Please see further details below.

Google Shopping Ads

Your products will appear on Google search results pages. The PPC strategy of the online retailer converts internet shopping into online shopping. The Google Shoppers PPPC campaign helps you reach consumers โ€“ those looking for the product or service that you sell.

Google Merchant Center Support

Google Shopping campaigns start with the best customer service account. The internal information feed team keeps updated regarding changes within the merchant centers to support customers. Let us understand this error so that your product is working properly.

Call analytics & recording

Call Rail, a leading platform to measure the impact of advertising on phone sales, provides Account Executives and Account Strategists with a comprehensive suite of analytical tools to accurately attribute phone calls to their channels.

Performance Monitoring

Almost all of the puzzles involve creating and launching accounts, but the PPC campaign is only the first step. We use numerous ads for different audiences to find the best ones and monitor the performance for every keyword to find out what devices the consumers use and how much they buy online or offline. The continuous monitor helps to take swift and responsive decisions and improve your ad experience.

You own Google Ads account

One of the great aspects about being the best company for Google PPC management is that our Google AdSense accounts are never locked for any period of time. If you want to leave you can take our entire work with you.

Your Stats Anywhere, Anytime

Users will be able to view data in real time, thanks to a proprietary real-time reporting system that aims to reduce the amount of data needed. Users will have access to information that many agencies try to conceal from them. Goodbye uncertainty about the report and good riddance! Transparency has arrived.

Why Bear North Digital stands above the competition?

Real people, real management

One reason we can be called a top Google Ad Management Company is because each of them are real people, not software. Your Account Manager and Payable Search expert will provide the ideal team for planning, implementation and execution to ensure you have a vision for success. Rest assured the two dedicated team will work in secret on Google Ads to generate leads and open communications with you via scheduled Skype and Google Hangout calls.

Ecommerce PPC Agency Recognized by Google as a Premier Partner

The internet market is full of potential but also contains fierce competitive competition. For any online firm that wants e-commerce PPC to achieve success, they need to hire a professional e-commerce PPC company with e-commerce experience. 7AToms has a Google Premier Partner status which translates into our knowledge of the best ways to optimize Google Ad campaigns. The success of ecommerce PPC has enabled client growth to be tremendous.

ECommerce PPC Management That Gets Results

Pay Per Click – PPC advertisements, including PPC advertising for eCommerce, require a thorough knowledge of coding standards. If a poor PPC campaign is a mistaken idea, it can lead to poor reselling of a product with low-value keywords and low quality advertising content for a small percentage of customers. Our nine-step eCommerce PPC process has helped to increase conversion rates and reduce your CPA.

Are you looking for top e-commerce PPC agency?

PPC management experts can assist in managing your campaign or managing Adwords. These are great tools for improving your conversion rates as well as revenue sources. However, PPC marketing is often costly without being executed effectively. Please visit this directory for Ecommerce PPC management companies. Read the reviews, rating and search for the company you like. You can also give us a personal suggestion for the work.

Get everything you need from one ecommerce PPC agency

It is simple for us to design, launch and operate your own e-commerce PPC program. The company offers complete services in developing, launching and managing online PPC campaigns. We also offer ecommerce PPC services including: We provide three PPC packages that include:

You may even contact us directly by phone or by ringing 888-601-5555 to discuss your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions for an Ecommerce PPC Agency

How does ecommerce PPC work?

eCommerce PPC, or paid search marketing, is the process of bidding on keywords in order to have your website show up as a sponsored link when someone searches for those terms.

What is PPC in eCommerce?

eCommerce PPC, or paid search marketing, is the process of bidding on keywords in order to have your website show up as a sponsored link when someone searches for those terms.

What is the difference between Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization and Ecommerce PPC?

eCommerce PPC, or paid search marketing, is the process of bidding on keywords in order to have your website show up as a sponsored link when someone searches for those terms.

How do I choose a PPC agency?

eCommerce PPC, or paid search marketing, is the process of bidding on keywords in order to have your website show up as a sponsored link when someone searches for those terms.

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