Who is this Large Health SAAS SEO Client

Client X is an innovative company in the health SaaS industry. They came to us for a high-level SEO campaign to boost organic web traffic. Their service automates workflows for many healthcare businesses, making life more convenient for many organizations.

Why Did Client X (Health SaaS Company) Come to Bear North for Help?

The SaaS sector is increasing yearly, and our client needed to find a way to stand out from competitors. However, after redesigning their end-clientsโ€™ website, the client saw negative returns and did not gain many customers. The company came to us for our digital marketing techniques.

Some of the problems facing our Health SaaS client were:

  • Disappointing web design
  • No link building
  • Data migration


    Yearly Organic Traffic Lift


    Top 10 SERP Rankings


    Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost

How We Provide Value for Our Customers

While paid advertising is useful, organic traffic is still the cornerstone for building most businesses online. People trust Google and other search engines, so are likelier to click on results that appear higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, we help businesses increase their organic web traffic through advanced on-page SEO tactics, resulting in more page visits.

Customized Website Solutions

For the web design, we want to create a sleek web solution that clearly explains the benefits of using our client’s products or services. Therefore, we cater our website to Client X’s target audience. We address their concerns that would necessitate a need for our client’s service.


Digital Reputation

We want to establish the Client X brand as a respected voice in the health SaaS industry. As a result, we illustrate the many features of its software product through our content, emphasizing its power. Our writing centers around answering questions the client’s target demo needs answering.


When hiring us, acquiring new customers was one of Client X’s primary goals. We target keywords that customers looking for a new SaaS solution would search for on Google while incorporating innovative link-building. Therefore, we enable Client X to reach potential customers more efficiently.

User Experience

Businesses want customers to interact with their website as much as possible. The longer people browse a website, the more likely they will purchase a product or service. Our valuable content leads customers to engage with our client’s products.


Competitive industry

SEO needed to be transactional-based

One-year turnaround time



Lead Developer


Owner | Business Development and Strategy


SEO Manager


Operations Manager


Lead Developer

Josh P.

SEO Specialist

Services Provided


Link Building

On-Page SEO

SEO Content

Technical SEO

SEO Migration

Solutions Implemented by Bear North

SAAS and On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign. It is the process of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition, we target desired keywords, helping businesses reach thousands more clients in their target demo.

Link Building

In today’s digital age, link building is more important than ever for brands looking to grow their online presence. Creating links to your website from other high-quality websites can increase your site’s visibility and authority in search engines.


Consulted with their agency to develop a high-end SEO strategy

Conducted health SaaS SEO research

Targeted keywords with easy-to-penetrate SERPs

Kept content fresh

Acquired authoritative, traffic-generating links

Rinse and repeat! SEO is best managed on a recurring basis to ensure best results. We worked with this client for just over 14 months.

The Results

The client and their agency were ecstatic about the result of the SEO campaign. The client’s SaaS brand now has more organic web traffic than ever, boosting its online presence. Through our SEO methods, we can help build businesses’ reputations, allowing them to reach clients they never thought they could.

We wish our health SaaS client the best in the future. We would be happy to work with them again!