Construction Marketing Services That Move the Needle in 2023

construction marketing services

Most construction company owners don’t spend a lot of time worrying about marketing. However, when they need to book jobs during the slow season or want to make the right impression for the upcoming spring, they might wonder how to get their name out there. With professional construction marketing services provided by our expert contractor marketing agency, you can enjoy high-end marketing within your budget.

Why Hire a Professional Marketing Service for My Construction Business?

In short, a professional marketing agency can perform many marketing services using a unified approach to market your business. With a team of marketing experts helping your company, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including the following.

Professional Timeline

Whether we’re building you a completely new website or launching a Facebook ad campaign, we’ll break down a timeline showing you how we’ll get you rolling. Our timelines include multiple strategies and projects, many of which may have different deadlines. You’ll know what to expect and when. Plus, you’ll know how the work we do provides you with great marketing results.

Multi-Faceted Approach

Effective marketing takes proven strategies that reach your customers and leads them to the next step in working with you. One of the best ways to impress potential customers includes the idea of popping up wherever your customer is, reminding them of you and your company. Your advertising plan with our team won’t include just a basic strategy but a combination of proven tactics to help you stand out.

Realistic and Timely Strategy

Our team performs thorough research into your particular construction industry to best understand how to reach your potential customers. We build your marketing strategies in accordance to the customers you want to reach, utilizing the most up-to-date data and marketing tools.

Proven Strategies to Enhance Your Marketing

Several classic marketing strategies appear to have a long future affecting how construction companies digitally market themselves. So what can you expect from your team when you work with a first-class marketing company like Bear North Digital?

1) We Make It Easy for Customers to Learn About You With a Custom Website

A custom website makes it easy for customers to find you online, learn about your business and services, and contact you through your website. Whether it’s by calling the number at the top of your page or filling out a contact form, a professionally built website gives your customers many ways to contact you. Some of the best benefits of having your own website include the following.

SEO Services

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, uses a number of factors to make your website more likely to appear in SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. Many business owners think that SEO only applies to keywords, but making your site mobile-friendly, creating faster page speeds, and regularly updating the content also affect your SEO standing. Our SEO services make it possible for us to utilize as many ways as possible to raise your website’s standing on SERPs.

Professional Design

A professional design will impress potential customers as much as your before-and-after project photos will. Our team offers expert website designers capable of creating an entirely custom website that does exactly what you want it to.

Maintenance Plans

When you build your website with Bear North Digital, we offer monthly maintenance plans that ensure everything on your site stays up to date. We fix any problems with update failures and keep your website running like a well-oiled machine, freeing you up to focus on your business.

2) We Help You Stand Out Against Your Competitors With Optimized Local SEO

Regardless of what branch of construction services you provide, you have at least a few local competitors vying for the same customers as you. However, a strong online presence can put you at the forefront of search results when a customer looks for your particular service. When you optimize your local SEO with our construction marketing services, you make it almost impossible for someone to search for your specialty and not see your name and number pop up.

Google My Business Page

Google remains the most popular search engine in the United States, and any business worth its salt has a Google My Business (GMB) page. GMB pages put your most basic business information right in front of the customer, often with information on the specific specialty a customer searched for. For example, if you install Christmas lights as one of your services, our team creates a specialized description for that particular service, which will show in addition to your:

  • Phone number
  • Business hours
  • Business address
  • Customer reviews

Those reviews can especially help, so one of our top priorities after first starting a GMB page includes working with you to collect reviews from satisfied customers.

Major Review Pages

A GMB offers a great way to attract eyes to your business, but other review sites stand as additional proof of your business’s success. Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and even YellowPages accounts can provide other places where customers can leave reviews, crediting your company even more.

Service Directory Pages

Many construction services fit in well with directory websites that help people find local services, such as Houzz, Thumbtack, or Angi (Angie’s List’s new name). Listing your business on these websites adds to your online clout, providing more proof that you exist not only to your customers but to Google as well. This increased SEO presence may convince Google to move you higher in the SERPs.

3) We Make You the Expert in Your Field With Top-Notch SEO Services

Among the best digital marketing strategies, we offer thorough SEO services ranging from keyword research to SEO-guided writing on web pages. You want to offer the best source of information to your customers, building their trust and assuring them that you have the professional skills to do the work they need.

In-Depth Keyword Research

We research keywords and phrases that have to do with your specific offerings. Besides focusing on the exact words and phrases, we also cover the bases with long-tail keywords to capture a wider audience. For instance, the basic keyword might consist of the word “deck,” but long-tail keywords might include “custom composite deck with ramp.”

Professionally Written Blogs

Blogs not only add extra layers of content to your website, but they also help your customers answer their questions and understand what makes you the answer to their needs. We use professional writers to ensure that your blogs have an expert voice; in addition, we provide our writers with the best sources to create quality material.

Expert Landing Page Design

Business owners may equate landing pages with online advertisements. While this can be a reason to create a landing page, these pages also work as mini-websites within your site to capture specific customer interests. Remember our long-tail keyword example? A good landing page can work in tandem with them. Basing landing pages around specific keywords and terms can make it easier for customers to find you, no matter how specific their request.

4) We Help Customers Find You on Social Media or Google

In the age of digital advertising, you need experts in construction marketing services to help you appear exactly where your customers spend their time. Besides Googling everything from recipes to medical advice, potential construction customers will use the popular search engine to find the services they need. They’ll also spend time on social media, so it’s important to include ads across social media sites.

PPC Keyword Research

Before running any paid advertising, our team performs thorough keyword research to find out which ones work best for your budget. PPC, or pay-per-click, ads charge a certain amount of money per click depending on the keyword used to find a particular ad. We do our best to ensure that every click results in a return on your investment.

Google Advertising

Google Ads appear at the top of every SERP, but you’ll also see Google Display Ads on affiliate websites such as magazines, news sites, and entertainment sites. We can use Google ads to place you everywhere a potential customer might look for information.

Social Media Ads

Believe it or not, many customers turn to social media when they need to find a service. Advertising your construction business on Facebook, TikTok, or other sites makes you stand out among your competitors.

5) We Create Interest in Your Services With Professional Lead Generation

What good does any of our work do if it doesn’t bring in customers? Our purpose consists of helping your business grow, so we do everything we can to track what’s working and what’s not. As we hone in on the best strategies to reach your customers, we can create marketing plans based on what’s shown the highest ROI (Return On Investment).

Call Tracking

Many customers will call you instead of filling out an online form. While this makes it easy for you to connect with them, you want to know where the calls come from.

We can track what online source got the customer to you. The best way to track calls involves assigning a randomly generated number as your phone number so that when customers call, you know where the call originated from.

Landing Pages for Ads

When customers click on your ad and go to the landing page, you want to inform them of your specials or services but also entice them to contact you. While you can try to direct them back to your website, studies show that landing pages with a contact form at the top, also called above the fold (above the part of the page that requires scrolling to see), work as excellent advertisements. Individual landing page contact forms will tell you where the customer found you so you know which landing pages get the most attention.

Timely and Professional Press Releases

Press releases will often end up on your website as a blog or sent as an email to local news stations and newspapers. However, you can also issue press releases to certain customers as part of your email marketing strategy. We can create these emails for you, including certain links in the press release to guide customers on where they can reach you to take advantage of the information in your press release.

Boost Your Construction Company’s Marketing With Bear North Digital

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