Nine Digital Marketing Myths That Contractors Should Not Believe

digital marketing myths

Let’s bust a few of the most common digital marketing myths to help you understand how useful digital marketing can be for your business. Online marketing technology is still developing, making adapting to the changes challenging.

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Myth #1: SEO Doesn’t Have an Impact

One of the most common digital marketing myths is that SEO doesn’t matter anymore. However, consider how many pages you are willing to browse when searching for a product — typically just one, and most frequently, you click one of the top options.

SEO is the factor that drives content to the top of the list and connects with the target audience.

Myth #2: Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

One mistake that many online pages make is posting hundreds of articles or social media posts that don’t contain useful or relevant information. Your customers want to be informed so they can make the best decision, and you need to provide that value to them to capture their attention.

Whether it’s blog posts, social media, or email marketing, you need to focus on the quality of your content and outreach platforms.

Myth #3: You Can Expect Instant Results

Digital marketing might be faster than the older methods of marketing, but that doesn’t mean there are instant results. As with any goal, your marketing will require time and effort to be truly successful.

You can depend on a high-quality contractor’s marketing agency to be transparent about the long-term planning and effort that your campaign will need to encourage maximum growth.

Myth #4: High Traffic Equates to High Sales

It can be easy to be excited by discovering a huge influx of views to your page, but views don’t always translate to sales or immediate profit. The fact is that conversion rates from viewing to purchasing are quite low unless you know how to leverage the data from your marketing stats.

An experienced marketing team can guide you through the information and help you hone in on how to better convert viewers into buyers.

Myth #5: Small Businesses Don’t Need Digital Marketing

You might think that big businesses are the only ones that can effectively use digital marketing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every business starts out small and can only grow by reaching out to new people over time.

No matter how small or new your business might be, you shouldn’t ignore the potential benefits of digital strategies to attract new potential customers for your contractor company.

Myth #6: AI Is a Good Digital Marketing Solution

AI is a more recent development in digital marketing myths, and some business owners might think AI will accomplish their marketing goals. However, AI is still too new and too fallible to be reliable for more than automating minor and tedious tasks.

While you can integrate AI in some areas of your digital marketing strategy, you’ll still need a knowledgeable human to help hone in on the best overall solutions for your company.

Myth #7: Social Media Takes Too Much Time

A huge percentage of the population uses their mobile devices to search and connect with businesses near them, typically on a social media platform. You can leverage this avenue of connection with customers and build a path to better leads and conversion rates with social media.

With a little expert guidance, you can create a time and cost-effective social media strategy that works for your needs.

Myth #8: You Can Rely on Marketing Software Alone

While there are many options on the market for software that automate digital marketing tasks, you still need to invest considerable time, training, and funding into ensuring you are getting the maximum benefit from the purchase.

Trust an experienced digital marketing group to help you make the most of your investment.

Myth #9: Digital Marketing Isn’t Ideal for Your Industry

Every business should make the most of the tools available to them, including digital marketing strategies, to encourage growth.

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