5 Social Selling Tips That Will Increase Your Shopify Sales

You can build valuable, long-lasting relationships with potential customers and businesses by developing a calculated social selling strategy. At Bear North Digital, our expert strategists are here to help you create, pursue, and meet your business goals. Call us today at (715) 319-4822 and keep reading for tips on how you can leverage social selling.

What Is Social Selling? 

Social selling is a common strategy that helps people develop business relationships. It allows merchants and businesses to connect with potential buyers and commercial partners on a personal level. With so many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—in addition to face-to-face interactions—building and maintaining relationships is easier than ever.

Social selling is different from digital advertising. Advertisements have a couple of practical approaches:

  • Assuming you have a need and offer a product as a viable solution
  • Informing you about certain products and pointing out why you should get them

On the other hand, social selling focuses on creating, developing, and maintaining business relationships. It helps you connect with sales prospects.

You’re already harnessing social media to interact with people and create sales opportunities with your Shopify store. Social media and social selling often converge, producing things like Facebook business pages and LinkedIn profiles.

Five Social Selling Tips You Can Implement Today 

You want to have a well-thought-out game plan for any sales and marketing strategy. It’s the same with social selling. Having a great plan helps you make the most of your virtual interactions, target the right people with the right message, and ultimately grow your Shopify business.

You have a wide variety of available tools to promote social selling. With our five social selling tips below, you can learn how to leverage them and implement a flawless strategy.

1. Determine Specific, Measurable Marketing Goals 

Before you launch into ultimate social selling strategies, you need to determine your goals. What is your vision for your Shopify store? What are your business goals, and how will you measure them? These are the questions you should ask.

Different Shopify store owners use their social networks for various objectives. Some popular ones include:

  • Increasing sales and overall revenue
  • Driving traffic to their Shopify store
  • Boosting rankings
  • Growing their customer base

Of course, there are many other goals—these are just a few to get you thinking. You might have a single business objective or multiple ones, but you’ll want to make them specific and measurable. Specific, measurable goals will give you clear steps to take and a tangible finish line.

2. Use the Best Platform for Your Audience 

To implement an effective social selling strategy, you should understand who your customers are. Pay attention to who buys what and where. Knowing your audience will help orchestrate your business to connect with the right people.

To determine your audience, you’ll need to get to know them and use classifications like age, geography, and gender. Classifying your customer base might look something like this:

  • 25-to-40-year-olds
  • Americans
  • Women
  • Parents of multiple kids
  • College graduates

This information will help you know which social media platforms work best for your business relationships. For example, older demographics often prefer Facebook over Instagram, Reddit, and the Shopify app. You want to go where your people are, so determine your audience and then network with them on their preferred social platforms.

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3. Utilize Multiple Platforms 

Piggybacking off the previous strategy, you’ll want to utilize social media to engage with your audience. However, you don’t want to exclude broader demographics or miss out on vital connections. Having a presence on multiple platforms ensures your message reaches everyone, especially potential customers.

Something else to keep in mind: don’t limit yourself by using only a platform’s native functions. Third-party software can help you communicate efficiently with automated, personalized messages across multiple platforms. To make the most of your social selling strategy, consider tools like:

  • Amplify
  • Hootsuite
  • Salesforce

Third-party tools help businesses like yours utilize multiple platforms and reach a broader audience. With automated, easy-to-customize messages, you can connect instantly with various prospective buyers and partners.

4. Vary Your Content 

One of our most important social selling tips is to use a wide variety of content. You shouldn’t limit your social networking strategy to Twitter posts or Instagram stories. Instead, vary your content to fully engage your target audience and encourage interest.

Here are some great ways to improve social selling:

  • Write blog articles
  • Create videos
  • Record podcasts
  • Set up polls and surveys
  • Design posters
  • Post inspirational quotes

The list goes on, but you get the idea. Content variety will increase engagement and interest. Don’t let your sales team fixate on one marketing method—branch out and get creative!

5. Focus on Interactions, Not Sales

When it comes to social selling, focus more on the social part than the selling part. Sales will naturally increase when you engage authentically using social platforms. Friends and followers will become customers when you interact with them and have honest conversations, but for now, focus on building relationships.

Here are four simple ways to have meaningful online interactions and develop crucial relationships:

  • Respond to people on social media
  • Pay attention to customer complaints
  • Note what customers like
  • Facilitate discussions

When you focus on interactions instead of sales, you engage your audience. Obnoxious, constant advertising can drive people away, but meaningful, real-life interactions build a solid customer base.

Learn More and Improve Your Social Selling

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