Who is Skid Steer Mirrors

A retired lawn and landscape owner, Rick Davey is the innovator of an original mirror that helps skid steer operators see their tires alongside their vehicles for increased safety and practicality. With a unique product, marketing and branding were principal factors for success.

Why Skid Steer Mirrors Came to Bear North for Help?

While the product was revolutionary, there was one problem—nobody knew that skid steer mirrors existed. Rick wanted an online destination to increase his brand’s awareness and customer base. However, he did not want to post his mirror on Amazon, as he wanted control over his product.

Skid Steer Mirrors had a few issues:

  • No product comparisons
  • No digital presence
  • No organic traffic


    Growth YOY


    of Traffic from Organic Search

How We Provide Value for Our Customers

Our team understands the importance of an effective web strategy. We can help you grow your brand by optimizing your site for search engines. We create engaging SEO content that will keep visitors coming back for more.

Creating an Updated Website

We figured out how to market Skid Steer Mirrors to Rick’s desired target audience through optimization techniques, such as on-page SEO, user-friendly web designs, and valuable blog content. With an impressive design, we make it easy for customers to browse and purchase skid steer mirrors on the brand’s website.



First, we made visitors of the Skid Steer Mirrors website understand how the product works and what problems it helps solve. Doing so illustrates the value of the mirrors and leads to higher product purchase rates.

Web Design

With an easy-to-navigate website, customers can easily find and purchase products on the Skid Steer Mirrors website. In addition, we include detailed product descriptions that tell customers exactly what they can expect from the brand’s products.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is key to growing a young business and boosting brand awareness. Our goal is to increase Skid Steer Mirror’s organic traffic through various strategic digital marketing techniques.


Marketing a one-of-a-kind product

Growing a startup company

Increasing organic web traffic



Owner | Business Development and Strategy


Operations Manager


Lead Developer

Services Provided

Website Design

Website Development

Ecommerce SEO

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Graphic Design


Skid Steer Mirror’s Solutions from Bear North

WooCommerce SEO

Organic traffic results from people using search engines to find your website. Customers type in keywords or phrases (also known as “search queries”) and then click on one of the top results. Through extensive research and exceptional content generation, we help Skid Steer Mirrors’ web pages rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Website Design

Quick-loading pages and an attractive format improve the user experience, leading to more traffic and conversions. They also signal to search engines that your site is well-designed and worthy of a high ranking. For example, we optimized images on the Skid Steer Mirrors site for faster loading times and better visibility.


Designed a WooCommerce site for easy purchasing

Did thorough keyword and SEO research to find out what Skid Steer’s target customers were searching for

Created an SEO strategy to boost organic traffic

Refresh content regularly

Successful SEO and Business Operations

With an SEO-friendly web design, we can stimulate the growth of Skid Steer Mirrors by 40% year to year. In addition, the brand is seeing increased web traffic thanks to ranking high on several targeted keywords’ SERP pages.

Working with Rick and his team on their web optimization project was an honor. We look forward to monitoring Skid Steer Mirrors’ success for years to come!