Who is The Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center?

The Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of World War II aviation and the stories of the men and women who served during that time. The museum is located in Superior, Wisconsin, where Richard I. Bong grew up and learned to fly.

Bong was one of the most decorated pilots in American history, and the Bong Center seeks to preserve his legacy and honor the contributions of all World War II veterans.

Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center

Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center came to us because their website was hacked and blacklisted by notable security monitoring sites like McAfee and Malwarebytes. Their website was hosted with a less-than-ideal hosting company.

Their website was originally a DIY project, and there were multiple issues with it, including:

  • Duplicates of pages
  • Many unused plugins and themes
  • Messy URLs
  • Inconsistent branding
  • No on-page SEO tactics employed, including multiple H1 tags on pages, no meta
  • tags on any pages, no keyword optimization, etc.
  • Photos were uploaded straight from a DSLR, so photo sizes were around 3-4
  • times bigger than they should have been. They were also not compressed, which
  • negatively impacts website load speed.
  • Product ordering was off-site and had a poor user experience


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A Word About DIY Websites

We are not against DIY websites at all, because we know that not every company
is able to hire a high-quality digital agency. Itโ€™s just not the reality. However, if
youโ€™re going to attempt to DIY your website, you need to invest a significant
amount of time into learning the basics.

Itโ€™s best to consult a professional, just like you would whenever you take on
something outside of your skillset. If you need help with DIYing your website, feel
free to reach out to our team and ask for some tips!

Building the New Site

We custom-designed the new website to match the look and feel of their new branding. We employed premium hosting and speed optimizations to ensure that the site is secure and fast-loading. We went from an F score to an A in GT Metrix. We optimized key pages for on-page SEO, resulting in immediate search engine ranking increases! We also set up a WooCommerce store that is directly integrated with their existing Square account, so inventory is synced with their on-location gift shop. We integrated their existing email marketing platform, and we edited and optimized their existing content. Their website is now completely mobile-friendly, and all images were optimized and resized. We fixed the URLs and broken links, and we used only a trusted theme and plugins.

Solutions Implemented by Bear North

On-Page SEO:

The Bong Center’s website is now ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) thanks to our on-page SEO optimizations. We made sure to include keywords and phrases relevant to the Bong Center’s history and mission in strategic places on the website, such as the title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.

Page Speed:

One of the most important aspects of any website is its page speed. A fast-loading website is more user-friendly and will retain visitors for longer periods of time. We employed premium hosting and speed optimizations to ensure that the Bong Center’s website is both secure and fast-loading.

Website Clean Up:

It’s important to regularly update and clean up your website. We took care of this for the Bong Center, removing outdated information and refreshing the design to match their new branding.

Services Provided

Website Design

Website Development

On-Page SEO

Content Marketing

Page Speed Optimization

Website Maintenance

Website Hosting

Wrapping Up

We are so happy to have the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center as a client.
The Bong Center’s new website is now ranking higher in search engine results pages, loading faster, and is more user-friendly. Thanks to our efforts, the Bong Center is able to better promote their museum.
The end result is a beautiful, modern website that accurately reflects the Bong Center’s brand and mission. We’re proud to have helped preserve the legacy of Richard I. Bong and all World War II veterans!
We look forward to their continued success and supporting their future growth!