Premium Lightning Speed Hosting – Lightning-fast, reliable site hosting optimized to give your site maximum uptime and insanely fast page speeds with container technology powered by the Google Cloud Platform enabling us to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between.

Content Delivery Network – world-class CDN at no extra cost!

Content Delivery Network – world-class CDN at no extra cost!

Content Delivery Network – world-class CDN at no extra cost!

Domain Management – we will manage your DNS records for you.

Daily Website and Content Backups – easily revert back to a previous version of your website.

Monthly Plugin Updates – we update your plugins by setting restore points and testing plugin compatibility.

Blacklist Monitoring – ensure your website is not blacklisted by any of the major spam prevention sites!

Security Administration – make sure your site is clean, and if any files become infected we will be able to spot them on time!

24/7 Uptime monitoring – if your site goes down we’re notified immdiately and we are able to troubleshoot quickly, rather than waiting until a potential customer points out an issue.

Daily Performance Checks – ensure your site is performing as expected!

SSL Certificate ($155 value) – get that locked icon on your website! Browsers like Google Chrome actually block visitors from using websites without an SSL certificate!

Link Monitoring – regular link scans of your entire website, checking for broken links. Inproving the user experience and SEO performance on your website.

Offshore Backups – although rarely needed, we like to have off-site backups incase of failure.

License of Paid Tools – utilize our license of plugins and themes that help with website performance, search engine optimization and user experience!

Monthly Report – an easy to consume, custom report with website update information & traffic insight data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Free On-Demand Reports

Keyword research reports, competitor traffic overview, paid ad reports, and more!

Free Malware Cleanup

If hackers do get ahold of your site, we won’t make you pay a fee. We’ll just fix it because that’s what a great partner should do.

Bear North Digital Client Rate

Clients on the Web Maintenance packages are given the Bear North Client Rate of $75 – $135/hr for additional tasks (range based on skilset needed).

Looking For More?

We also offer plans with dedicated service hours, e-commerceplans, and
enterprise plans


Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. You are under no obligation to continue the ongoing service. We just ask you give us 30 days notice so we can carry out our last thorough update of the website.

How Do I Contact You When I Have a Problem?

However you would like! You can email us at and we will respond as soon as possible. For our care plan customers, we go over methods of preferred methods of communication, and we even set up a project task tracking tool for retainer clients (professional and custom plans).

Why Do I Need an Ongoing Plan?

For the same reason you get your car serviced, you want a technician checking it over and making sure everything looks good. Let’s call it “preventative maintenance.” Much like your car, your website gets your customers from point A to point B in the buying process. It is critical to have a finger on the pulse of how your website is performing. Websites are not “set it and forget it” in the digital world we live in. We have clients that update their websites on a daily basis! Having a trained web technician on hand to monitor the website is necessary to update, rollback, replace or adjust the code to continue optimal performance of your website.

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