15 Best Marketing Plugins for WooCommerce

best marketing plugins for woocommerce

In addition to Shopify, WooCommerce ranks as the top e-commerce platform for those using WordPress. Whether you utilize WooCommerce plugins for email marketing or another marketing need, utilizing the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce will help you expand your e-commerce business and improve your marketing strategy. 

At Bear North Digital, our experienced WooCommerce marketing agency is ready to assist you with your WooCommerce marketing campaign. We work with you to develop a successful campaign that draws in customers. Consider learning more about our company, then keep reading to discover the 15 best marketing plugins for WooCommerce.

1. Follow-Up for Email and Social Media Marketing 

Direct email and social media marketing make highly effective options when you want to target specific audiences. With Follow-Up, you get a tool that automatically facilitates communications between store visitors. This plugin allows you to control email and Twitter direct marketing.

Follow-Up lets you contact existing customers and target new visitors, automate communications, create custom email and campaign templates, and analyze your email campaign’s success. 

The plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress, allowing you to use the WordPress editor alongside your email and Twitter marketing campaigns. It also works with Google Analytics. Whether you want detailed reports or convenient automation, Follow-Up makes it possible.

2. Newsletter Subscription Plugin 

Another one of the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce includes the Newsletter Subscription plugin. WooCommerce users with MailChimp can allow their customers to subscribe to email newsletter mailing lists. 

When traffic arrives at your e-commerce site, the plugin will ask users if they want to sign up for the newsletter. You can place the Newsletter Subscription plugin anywhere in your WooCommerce store. 

Newsletter Subscription offers a top solution for those wanting the intelligent features of a newsletter subscription plugin without feeling overwhelmed. The simple layout lets you easily view subscriber numbers and implement new newsletter solutions. Whether you use MailPoet or MailChimp, Newsletter Subscription will work with both.

3. OmniAscend 

OmniAscend, a WooCommerce email marketing plugin, helps you communicate with audiences through email, push notifications, and SMS messages. This all-inclusive plugin allows you to create all messages, use templates, and automate target audience outreach. Enjoy A/B campaign testing, mobile-friendly popups, and advanced reporting as you track and adjust your marketing strategy.

The innovative workflow makes marketing campaigns stress-free. With one click, you can integrate your messages with your WooCommerce store. You also receive advanced automation to distinguish when Omnisend should share your messages with customers. 

The plugin features a free version with all the paid version’s features. Paid plan options come with increased limits for SMS credits and more.

4. Cart Abandonment Recovery 

When someone abandons their cart in your store, you can still get them to return to your website. Out of the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce, using the Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin makes an excellent way to transform potential customers into paying customers. It uses an intelligent monitoring process that automates customer outreach and significantly contributes to the customer experience.

You can view how much traffic has contributed to abandoned carts, determine how much revenue has been recovered, and view the percentage of abandoned carts the plugin has recovered.

The Cart Abandonment Recovery tool collects email information from individuals that abandon their WooCommerce cart. Later, the plugin sends emails to each of these individuals. The plugin allows for a custom message to easily remind them about their abandoned cart and the products that interest them.

5. WooCommerce Instagram and Facebook Extensions

The WooCommerce Instagram and Facebook extensions allow you to integrate your e-commerce shop with social media. Pre-existing Facebook profiles can integrate the Facebook Tab into their Facebook profile and connect it to WooCommerce. Those that view this tab will see your company’s products and can buy them directly.

Your business also needs an active Instagram account to use the WooCommerce Instagram extension. The plugin makes it easy to display product photos on Instagram. Link to your Instagram account and add relevant hashtags to monitor product activity among buyers.

Both platform plugins are affordable for small and large businesses. However, you’ll need the latest version of WooCommerce to use them.

6. WPClever Smart Compare for WooCommerce

Consumers want an easy way to compare products as they shop. The best marketing plugins for WooCommerce include Smart Compare by WPClever, a product comparison plugin. Use this plugin on your website’s product pages to let shoppers select all the products they want and compare them simultaneously instead of switching between tabs.

The ability to customize how customers view products can significantly improve conversions. Set each product to a specific field, such as color or size. Customers can view products by these fields for easier side-by-side comparisons. 

Your customers won’t need to refresh the page to view all products. They’ll get a real-time look into your products’ details.

7. Coupon Pop

Other plugins worth considering include those that provide more value to your potential buyers. One way to do this is through Coupon Pop. This plugin allows you to create different offers and incentives for liking your company’s Facebook page or joining the email list. 

Customers visit your website for the first time and sign up to get the discount code you provide. Then, they return to your store to complete the purchase. They enter the code during checkout and instantly save money on your offerings. 

Coupon Pop is easy to use and includes a free 14-day trial. Experience its benefits firsthand with all WordPress versions up to 4.1.1.

8. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

The Dynamic Pricing and Discount plugin ranks among the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce discounts. This plugin simplifies the product pricing process exponentially. You can apply discounts for specific purchase amounts, implement sales, or create a pricing strategy with special rules.

Set certain conditions for offers to help loyal customers get the most out of your store. 

Maintaining deals and sales related to special events or holidays can be challenging. Whether you want to set base prices or create deals, this plugin makes it stress-free. You’ll also get access to six months of plugin support and additional help after this window ends.

9. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Extension

WooCommerce’s Amazon Affiliate extension allows you to sell Amazon products via your WooCommerce store. Companies looking to increase revenue can use this plugin as an alternative income stream. You could get up to 25% in commission per sale.

This plugin allows for advanced Amazon Affiliate capabilities. Buyers can put multiple Amazon products in their cart, and your business can import several different Amazon products simultaneously and search them by keyword and other relevant information.

Detailed reports allow you to track products further and view the total number of products, total product views, how many people were directed to Amazon from your store, and how many people have added your products to their cart.

10. Privy Email Marketing

Privy is one of the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce online stores starting from scratch. The plugin includes several email marketing templates and automation features. Those needing a solid method to entice customers also get access to signup forms. 

The plugin’s growing key features also include SMS marketing, A/B testing, targeting rules to streamline conversion outreach, and many different automation workflows for convenient and intuitive operation. 

Privy users get free access with limited credits for contacting potential customers, popups for announcements, and free shipping notifications. Paid access is highly affordable and includes automation features and unlimited emails for follow-up and initial outreach.

11. Constant Contact

As one of the oldest email marketing solutions, Constant Contact continuously grows to reach today’s demands for marketing. An extensive range of email templates, signup forms, landing pages, polls, and more are available for utilization. 

You’ll also get a traditional list of features like reporting and automatic email outreach features. In addition, you can set automation based on buyer behavior, integrate your products with Google Ads, and use SMS marketing with the more expensive version. The basic paid plan includes contact management solutions, email marketing, reports, and more.

Whether you choose the Core plan or the Plus plan, you’ll get a host of reliable tools that make using WooCommerce easy.

12. MailChimp

MailChimp remains one of the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce as it reaches a variety of professionals. Whether you run an e-commerce business or a blog, it provides a highly effective solution for email marketing, especially for e-commerce applications. Beginners receive extensive support and learn quickly with the intuitive layout.

As one of the most well-known and easiest email marketing plugins, MailChimp offers several different workflows depending on your needs. No matter your business’s size, you’ll be able to use MailChimp effectively to employ email campaigns and sell across multiple channels. 

MailChimp’s free plan limits its features significantly. If you want A/B testing and other optimization features, you will need to select one of the paid versions available at different price points.

13. HurryTimer

Customers don’t want to miss exclusive deals, limited edition products, and other store offerings. You can use this element to your advantage in your WooCommerce store. A surefire way to increase sales in a short period is with an urgency timer like HurryTimer. 

HurryTimer is a countdown timer plugin for your WordPress eCommerce store. Whether you implement the timer on all store pages or only some product pages, you’ll instill a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) that buyers can’t resist. 

The plugin brings a personal touch to new store visitors with custom offers and messages. Customize every countdown element, from the product pages where the timer will display to the appearance. 

14. Fancy Product Designer 

Fancy Product Designer, a handy design plugin, allows your customers and clients to design their own products. If you want to provide that level of customizability, you can do so with this tool. Customers can create shirt designs, cards, stickers, and more. 

It’s equally as easy for business owners to use. An intuitive, personalized user interface makes designing products fun and simple. 

With Fancy Product Designer, you import the photos, text, and other elements you need to make your design. Then, your completed design is easily shareable on your favorite social media platform. 

15. Cryptocurrency Checkout 

Cryptocurrency Checkout is a plugin that lets stores accept alternative payments, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto has become popular in the e-commerce industry and continues to steadily gain favor.

When you need the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce, consider the above options. Then, work with Bear North Media to get social selling tips to increase sales. Call our team at 715-319-4822.